About us

Since 2012 our company is a limited liability company. Already in the preceding years we have built up our business step by step. Read here how our company has developed over the past years and what makes us what we are today.

The team behind ECENCE

The company is successfully managed by the two managing directors Marco and Enrico Kirle. Six other team members work with dedication and passion every day to ensure that customers throughout Europe receive the high-quality brand products quickly and reliably.

Enrico Kirle - Founder and CEO
Marco Kirle - Founder and CEO

A look behind the scenes: The history of ECENCE Trading GmbH

The two founders bring know-how from the IT sector with them and worked there full-time until 2012. In 2008 they took their first steps in the field of eCommerce by selling individual products on the eBay marketplace. In 2011 they discovered a gap in the market for protective covers for smartphones. This gap in the market gave them the idea of initially building up a second mainstay with the sale of the sleeves and continuing to work freelance in the IT sector. Starting in 2016, the product range was gradually expanded to include products from the home and garden sector.

ECENCE lives good old values in a modern world

To be successful in a modern world with great innovations, you have to live good old values: reliability, quality and speed. ECENCE attaches great importance to sustainable customer relationships. Customers who order via one of ECENCE’s online marketplaces can rely on fast delivery. The products are manufactured to a high standard of quality so that you can enjoy them for a long time and they can withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life without effort. Should there be a problem, we will respond quickly to any complaints. At ECENCE, customer satisfaction is not just a phrase, it is part of our everyday business. Because only satisfied customers like to come back and recommend the company to others.